Data Report Card

Cloven Hills receives A+ for data quality.

The Data Quality Score (DQS) describes the overall quality of a flock’s data. It is made up of measures of data quantity, quality and timeliness. This includes measures of:

  • The amount of data, including the number of animals and traits being recorded.
    The more data you submit, the more information we have to make unbiased comparisons of animals through ASBVs.
  • Completeness and accuracy of records, including how well pedigree, birth date and birth types and performance traits are recorded.
    Better quality data results in more accurate ASBVs.
  • Data structure, including progeny numbers and sire representation across groups, and linkage.
  • Timeliness, which is a measure of how promptly data is submitted to the evaluation from time of collection.
    The timely submission of data means that all available information is used to estimate ASBVs. This will also minimise the potential amount of re-ranking or movement of ASBVs.


Source: Sheep Genetics

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